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Assured and safe delivery for Central Bedfordshire Council as Clophill roundabout improvements come to a close

Following over one year of significant improvement and enhancement works, our Highways team have completed and fully reopened Clophill roundabout in Bedfordshire.

Our team began working on upgrading Clophill roundabout in February 2023, for Central Bedfordshire Council. The roundabout forms the main connection of the A6 Bedford Road (north to south) and A507 (east to west). The busy A6/A507 junction has historically experienced congestion causing bottlenecks and extensive delays. The works have provided road users and local residents alike with new and improved layouts, resulting in smoother journeys and reduced congestion. This together with the redesign of the pedestrian walking and cycling routes close to the junction, has made journeys safer for everyone. The redesigned road network will additionally support the future growth of the area including the planned local housing developments.

  • Over 42,357 staff hours completed.
  • Three new toucan crossings and new pavements providing safer access routes to local amenities.
  • 1,950 meters total length of road reconstructed 
  • 1,395 metres of footways constructed, including 490 metres of shared use footways for cyclists and pedestrians.

  • 977 trees and shrubs planted.

The improvements include two lanes on all four approaches and exits to the roundabout, increasing capacity and allowing more vehicles to get through the junction at the same time. Also include  realigning and widening traffic lanes, installing merge lanes and filter lanes on all four arms of the roundabout and reconfiguring the central roundabout to improve current and future capacity. The scheme has greatly improved drainage and attenuation capacity of the roundabout and approaches preventing the risk of future flooding in the area. To improve accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists, we have installed toucan crossings on three arms of the roundabout as well as a new bus stop on the north arm. A deep clean of the existing Clophill footbridge has been undertaken and additional impact protection measures installed. New footways have been constructed and existing footways widened around the roundabout alongside implementing new street lighting and traffic signs and completed resurfacing and reconstruction works on the carriageway.

To minimise disruption throughout the program the team continuously thought differently and strategically when planning major works and closures. An example of this was in August 2023 when we rescheduled a 10-day road closure during the summer holidays, seven months ahead of the original program; as the team recognised this would be a quieter period for road traffic. Committed to going the extra mile to look after the local community, especially due to close proximity to several schools, shops and homes, where possible procured materials and other services from local businesses.

Due to the excellent collaboration with our supply chain team, in particular our main supplier – Enivron, the team completed this key project to scope and to the delight of our customer, Central Bedfordshire Council.

We would like to acknowledge all involved in the safe, professional and efficient delivery of the works that have made a significant difference to the Bedfordshire community. We would also like to thank the local community for their patience whilst we concluded this critical project.

Social value and sustainability delivered

  • Officially opened the new toucan crossing on the A6 with local residents and staff from the  nearby Jet garage.
  • Facilitated a site visit with pupils from Clophill St. Mary’s Church of England Lower School, where children planted trees near the roundabout.
  • Project team joined by students from Redbourne Upper School, to officially inaugurate the new pedestrian crossing adjacent to the A507 eastern arm in Flitwick.
  • £12,705,767.00 social value delivered to society.
  • 90 people hours spent supporting education providers within Bedfordshire.
  • £8,755 donations made to community organisations within Bedfordshire.
  • All pipes (2060m) installed are made from 100% recycled materials.
  • 1850 tonnes of planings recycled and reprocessed on site.
  • £8.6m supporting local businesses.
  • Supported 16 weeks paid work placement for Bedford College students.

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