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September’s campaign – Inclusion

September ’s Health and Wellbeing focus is inclusion.

At Octavius, we want to be an inclusive and great place for everyone to work, so this earlier this year we launched our approach to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) including how we support diverse talent acquisition and retention.

We willingly and enthusiastically embrace and celebrate our differences – in experiences, backgrounds, ways of thinking and working. Being inclusive is not only the right thing to do; it also means that our colleagues are more engaged, motivated and productive.

What is inclusion?

Whilst diversity and inclusion often go hand in hand, inclusion is different to diversity, it involves removing barriers and fostering a safe culture where everyone feels included.

An inclusive workplace ensures that everyone, regardless of their background, race, religion, hidden or visible disability, or gender, has equal access to opportunities and resources.

 We are committed to ensuring everyone who works for us feels included, respected and valued. We are continuously exploring avenues to remove barriers and foster a working environment where everyone regardless of their background is given equal opportunities to learn, grown and thrive. We recently launched our first Network, the Women’s Network, a space were women within the company are given the space to openly express, bond with likeminded people, find allies and champions. We are currently working on launching more networks in the coming months.

I was on a call the other day with a service provider who is going to conduct some training for us. To get a feel for the content of the training they were asking what inclusion meant to me. Having been put on the spot somewhat, I considered the question. The obvious reason is absolutely that it is the right thing to do! But it is so much more than by being inclusive we can encourage diversity in our workplace. The richness of different cultures and different ways of thinking create more open-minded teams and in turn help cultivate innovation. Studies show that diverse teams make better decisions than less diverse teams. Being inclusive requires us to understand the differences in things such communication styles, business structure, how we feed back and debate, how we make decisions and build trust.”
Ian Holden, Senior Project Manger for the Walsgrave Project
Sharing his thoughts on inclusion at the team's weekly wellbeing meeting

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