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Rail Wellbeing Wednesdays 2024

Wellbeing Wednesday – Running into the New Year

The first Wellbeing Wednesday of 2024 will be held on Wednesday 3 January, from 11:00 to 11:40 and will focus on running.

If running or jogging is new to you, it’s never too late to take that first step. By making running, or any aerobic exercise,
a regular part of your routine, you stand to gain more over time. The session will focus on both the short term and longer-term
benefits of moving your body – not just physically but mentally too.

Voluntary exercise is the single best thing one can do to slow the cognitive decline that accompanies normal aging, so there is much more to be gained than just ‘improving fitness’. If you’ve never embraced running before but are interested in trying it out, make sure you tune in!

The  webinar will be hosted by YouTuber and Podcaster, Harry Morgan. Harry is the man behind JOG ON, a hugely successful
YouTube channel and podcast, whose aim is to connect people through a love of running. Also by Emily Mayers, Senior Occupational Health and Wellbeing Specialist, Network Rail.

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