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Rail Wellbeing Wednesday – June

June’s wellbeing Wednesday session explored the complexities of diagnosing and managing ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) in adults. The session shared common symptoms, the hurdles involved in assessments and diagnosis, and effective coping strategies. Also, how ADHD impacts daily functioning and practical tools to help overcome challenges and enhance wellbeing.

Special guess Ian Hall, ADHD Specialist Coach for 20 years also discussed what the common traits are and shared his thoughts how workplaces can build a more neuro inclusive work environment.



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Managing conflict positively

Conflict is natural and happens in every ongoing relationship and in roles when we deal with people. Conflict is a sign of a need for change and an opportunity for growth so we need to learn to manage it. In this session we will discuss: how to navigate conflict constructively, effective communication strategies and conflict resolutions techniques.

You will also learn essential conflict resolution skills tailored for customer-facing roles as this session equips frontline staff with the tools to turn challenging interactions into opportunities for positive customer experiences.

What are Wellbeing Wednesdays?

Wellbeing Wednesday livestreams are hosted on the first Wednesday of each month. They can be viewed live at 11am or later on catch-up. Please do subscribe via their website!

Whilst it is being delivered in partnership with Network Rail, the content applies to EVERYONE and you are all welcome, regardless of where you work. 

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