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Quick reactions help to save passengers’ life at Farnborough North Station

A huge thank you to our Farnborough North Access for All project team for their quick reactions when two members of the public suffered medical emergencies with a few weeks of each other.  Actions by level crossing attendant Simon Weedon of TJ Civils and Claudiu of Galldris, meant that both potentially life-threatening situations were dealt with safely and quickly.

When one member of the public collapsed and hit their head, Simon and Claudiu quickly attended to the lady, called the emergency services, and placed her in the recovery position whilst they waited for the ambulance to arrive. The member of the public is now recovering well. Just a week later another member of the public fainted on the station platform, Simon noticed the passenger in distress prior to fainting and went over to the Guard to see what he could do to help. He got some water for the passenger and took the lead in calling an ambulance. However, before the passenger could take a sip of water fainted on the platform bench. To prevent the passenger suffering injuries and to help them regain consciousness both Simon and the guard lowered the passenger to the floor and elevated their legs. The passenger regained consciousness quickly and, to ensure the well-being of the passenger Simon waited with them until they were fully recovered.

A big thank you and well done to Simon and the Farnborough North team. Your quick and calm response to the incident that ultimately helped save the life of a local member of the public.

Overall, Simon’s actions that day were exemplary. Primarily he focussed on the wellbeing of the passenger but also as the passenger was starting to recover from fainting he importantly allowed the train to continue on its journey reducing the delay to the service and preventing further cancellations on the North Downs. Thank you Simon.
Senior Guards Manager at Great Western Railway

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