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Providing efficiencies on the M25 – saving over £159,000 by optimising sign installation on the UK’s busiest highway

Our M25 team were tasked to install 25 ROTTMS (Remotely Operated Temporary Traffic Management Signs) onto the UK’s busiest orbital motorway network. As the team progressed with the scope they recognised that traditional methods will  require huge costs and significant safety risks associated with the need to carry out several night time surveys. With each shift costing up to £6,000 and would have exceeded the total allocated budget, the team joined forces with Sensat to develop a visual realisation of the network to ensure our design would be suitable for the environment ahead of the construction phase.

Our team used Sensat’s environment of the highway network to inspect the 25 locations, which not only eliminated the need to visit site individual site surveys, allowed the team to view clear desktop line of site surveys all from the comfort of their own desk.

Thanks to this innovative system, we were able to identify ROTTMS design conflicts early in the process, a feat that might have gone unnoticed using traditional methods. This proactive approach eliminated the risk of scheduling delays, ensuring that we would deliver our project right first time and on time for our customers.

As our team strived to deliver exceptional value from the offset of the project, by collaborating with Sensat we have  saved an exceptional £159,000 and at least 2,000 hours needed on the live highways, by eliminating survey visits which reduced the need for multiple contractor for at least 16-night shifts and minimised disruption to the travelling public.

Well done to everyone involved for thinking differently and developing efficiencies to ensure we can complete the project right first time for our people and ultimately helps keep everyone safe.

You can read the full case study on the Sensat website.

Following the team’s fantastic implementation of Sensat and Sensat modelling we have been shortlisted alongside our customer, Connect Plus  for a TechFest 2023 award within the  “Best Use of Technology: Smart Data Collection for Asset Management” category. We look forward to sharing the results with you soon!

We have been able to make better decisions from the safety of our office using a clear, understandable visualisation of the highway. This not only prevented our team from going out onto the network unnecessarily but also reduced cost and minimised disruption to the general public.
Sean Coleman
Innovation & Quality Manager at Octavius Infrastructure

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