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Prevent defects by leaning on Lean

Our Lean Waste Identification dashboard has been updated on the Lean Launch Pad (sharepoint.com). This month defects still continues to be a key trend, with design errors and inadequate equipment provided. We are also seeing overprocessing increase  due double handling materials when materials have not been stacked correctly or placed in the wrong location.

It’s great to see some great 5S principles being applied by the OTW Scheme as Robert Armstrong, Site Supervisor has implemented a simple checking system to ensure tools and equipment are fit for purpose. At our Clophill project, Jon Millar has also identified areas that can be improved using the principles of the 5s.

Thank you for being leaner

Our Quality and HR team have been busy engaging with many teams across the business to help improve our current onboarding process, which will be going live later on this year. We would like to thank everyone who has engaged with this project so far, your support means new starters can join our Octavius family smoother and quicker.

Remember… if you identify waste on your project or have an idea about how to improve a method of working raise an Improvement Opportunity.

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