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Modular car park solution underway at Princess of Wales Hospital in Ely 

Our car park team working at Princess of Wales Hospital in Ely are making great progress on our latest multi-deck modular deck car park, in collaboration with Siderpark. Following successfully completing foundation works they are now busy erecting columns and beams ready for the deck installation.

In partnership with Siderpark, our innovative car parking solution has a modular steel framed design, that provides a quick, efficient, and cost-effective solution to transform an existing area into revenue-generating parking. The premium quality, highly durable componentry provides many years of maintenance- free parking. The flexible design also allows for future expansion and is easy to dismantle and relocate to meet changing customer needs. The three-deck, plus ground level car park will provide over 279 spaces for hospital visitors in one single area; preventing car users overspilling into the neighbouring streets. We will be installing two lifts, 8 EV charging stations and a “green wall” planted with foliage to support the biodiversity in the area.

The project is part of a wider redevelopment scheme for the hospital, providing improved and increased patient facilities. The car park is being built on an ex-RAF social club. The team have spent several months demolishing the buildings, relocating a porters lodge and installing piled foundations to stabilise the poor ground conditions in preparation for the steel work.

To see how our unique car parking solution is constructed please watch our video below and to learn more about how we provide car parking solutions please visit our website.

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