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Greener car parking for Wellcome Genome Campus 

We’re thrilled to unveil our latest state of the art modular car park that we’ve been working on since March at the Wellcome Genome Campus, in collaboration with SiderPark. The existing car park has been transformed into a singular deck car park without requiring foundations.  

Every part of the design and installation has been meticulously planned with sustainability and aesthetics in mind. This environmentally friendly car park features our first ever heated ramp and marks the first time we’ve installed solar panels; in total, 280. They are estimated to save 356,040kg of carbon emissions per year, that’s equivalent to planting 7100 trees! Also, the base of the car park’s designated mesh wall dubbed “the green wall” has been planted with a blend of Honeysuckles and Ivy. Over the next few years the foliage is expected to sprawl across the mesh wall, helping to contribute to enhancing the local biodiversity. 

Bespoke cladding was designed with  our customer, Urban & Civic, to pay homage to the aviation heritage of the area. Each uniquely shaped aerofoil cladding piece is designed to echo the wings of planes that frequently fly over the car park. Each powder coated wing is set to a graduated angle to provide shade and deflect sunlight from cars parked on the top deck.  

Before demobilising on site after completion the team left a lasting legacy as they helped clear up a local church Graveyard, you can read more about the volunteering day here. 

 A huge congratulations to the project team and our partner SiderPark for completing this beautiful car park, safely and on time for our customer and ensuring sustainability and the local community was at the heart of this project. 

What is a modular carpark? 

Our innovative foundationless carpark solution in collaboration with Siderpark, has a modular steel framed design, that provides a quick, efficient and cost-effective solution to transform an existing area into revenue generating parking, creating additional space for development projects and/or expansion of existing facilities. 

The high quality, highly durable componentry provides many years of maintenance free parking.   

The flexible design also allows for future expansion and is easy to dismantle and relocate to meet changing customer needs.  

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