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Driver prosecuted for using a mobile phone whilst driving

A driver, travelling for work purposes was photographed by an Acusensus AI camera using their mobile phone whilst driving and as a result received a notice of intended prosecution. Whilst driving the individual used an app for directions via their in-car AirPlay system, when the connection started to fail, they accepted a re-direction on their phone when the Acusensus AI camera photographed them.

The Acusensus AI camera is a new type of camera which uses AI (artificial intelligence) to identify if you are exceeding speed limits, not wearing a seat belt, using a mobile device while driving and other dangerous activities.

Remember – it’s against the law to drive whilst using a mobile phone. If you need to stop to take an emergency call or use navigations, make sure you stop in a safe place before using your phone.

Make sure you always follow Network Rail's two driving Lifesaving Rules

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