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Delighting our customers with safe and efficient response to emergency railway works

A huge well done to our Rail Services team for quickly delivering reactive repairs, safely and on time when the recent poor weather and high winds caused damage to the railway infrastructure. 

Our teams have responded to several emergency events and ensured the railway can continue to operate safely and efficiently for passengers.


When advertising hoardings collapsed following high winds at East Croydon station, despite facing significant challenges of limited access and cabling, in collaboration with our customer and supply chain we developed a safe design and removed the hoarding all within a few days.

Storm Isha caused a 12-meter-long cast-iron downpipe to become loose at Chislehurst Substation, posing a danger of falling onto the tracks. Our team promptly identified the limited access for safe removal of the pipe. In collaboration with Network Rail, we arranged overnight track access, removed and secured the pipe using a Mobile Elevated Platform (MEWP) delivered to the site by RRV. The site was successfully handed back in just three hours.

Well done to everyone involved for reacting quickly to the situation, your actions and collaborative efforts with Network Rail potentially prevented a member of the public or station staff being injured.

Their hard work has ensured that the station could continue to operate safely… This operation required around the clock dedication, and everyone involved including the wider support teams and supplier chain partners, went above and beyond to plan, manage and maintain good communications with all parties throughout.
Liz Cooper
Project Manager, Network Rail
Thank you from Kent Control team for your invaluable assistance in successfully completing the work overnight, thereby averting potential risks to the operational railway.
Keith Stokes
Kent Route Control Manager, Network Rail

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