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Collaborating together to provide safe and assured delivery

Making sure everyone who works on or near our projects goes home safely every day is at the heart of everything we do. To assure safe delivery of our works every fortnight our R&W team hold a meeting with suppliers, customers and employees to discuss lessons learnt from Near Miss submissions (or referred to as Improvement Opportunities in Octavius), key trends and progress on investigations. This session has been in place for several years and has significantly helped to reduce accidents and incidents.

Raising  Improvement Opportunities (IO) means an accident can potentially be prevented, as we can proactively make improvements for our  people, customers or anyone that comes into contact with our works. More submissions means the less likely an accident is to occur. To encourage reporting many incentives are in  place including a You Said We Did poster, which highlights the top six reports for the month and one is chosen to receive a £50 gift voucher.

For every submission a donation of £2 is given to Regional Air Ambulances, to support the vital work of air ambulance charities. Due to everyone’s commitment and proactive engagement to achieve a safer environment over the the last year a total of £3,684 has been donated for the 1,842 submissions.

Well done to everyone involved for not only  potentially preventing accidents but also making a positive impact on our broader community.

The bi- weekly call enables the company to get together and to look at the near miss trends as well as sharing good practices, the trends enable us to look at current procedures and where we can improve or require some additional training across the business. It improves communication and shows to the operatives that every near miss is addressed and taken seriously and we strive to ensure where we can, we make the Safe Systems of Work and working areas as safe as possible for all to work safely and go home to their families every night. 
Ali Leigh
Health and Safety Manager, R&W

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