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We are creating a ‘generative’ business culture through a coaching based programme to influence positive changes in behaviours. This cultural development programme named STOPThink! incorporates practical engagement at all levels of influence in Octavius and in our customer and supplier organisations to deliver performance improvement and achieve zero harm.

Over 2000 people have benefitted through their engagement with our programme, which aims to help people Think Differently, Make Better Decisions and Change Lives. 

I am pleased to have the opportunity to introduce the latest STOPThink! publication.

STOPThink! is something that I have followed on social media over the years and little did I know at the time that I would have the privilege to beintroducing the April 2024 publication!

It has been fantastic to see how the STOPThink! programme has grown and evolved since inception whilst remaining very effective in sharing learning and best practice.

As part of the Navitas team, it has been an exciting few months making the transition to joining the Octavius family. It is also the start of a new financial year along with the start of a new Network Rail control period. This offers us the opportunity to reflect, and challenge both ourselves and others on how we could seek to achieve safety improvements in the next financial year and beyond.

Safety improvements can be realised through a wide spectrum of initiatives, many of which have been featured over time as part of this publication. As a design organisation, Navitas fully appreciates the role that it can play in eliminating construction and maintenance risks through the design phase. In addition, a particular focus for us is the potential improvements that could be realised by embracing innovation and the development of innovative solutions that improve electrical safety across the rail network. We are proud and excited to be engaged in multiple research and development projects that are directly aligned with achieving a step change in safety through the introduction of new solutions and technology.

The excellent success that Octavius has had in securing several frameworks and other large contracts offers us the opportunity to challenge ourselves and collaborate, together with Network Rail to unlockthe full potential that we collectively share; challenging industry norms and aiming for exemplary safety performance across the industry for many years to come.

This month’s publication covers a number of achievements, and highlights include being awarded the RospA award for our commitment safety, the quick actions of our supply chain helping to save a person’s life and the M25 framework team being announced as logistics partner to support the Demelza charity “Trail with a Tale” initiative. Additionally, we celebrate a number of project delivery successes including the Clophill roundabout improvements, Clapham Light Maintenance Depot works and the Glenferness Avenue footbridge works.

It is fantastic to share such successes and learning from across the business and I very much look forward to the exciting challenges ahead and striving to maximise the opportunities we have to achieve safety related improvements.

Louis Nel

Managing Director, Navitas Engineering Group

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