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We are creating a ‘generative’ business culture through a coaching based programme to influence positive changes in behaviours. This cultural development programme named STOPThink! incorporates practical engagement at all levels of influence in Octavius and in our customer and supplier organisations to deliver performance improvement and achieve zero harm.

Over 2000 people have benefitted through their engagement with our programme, which aims to help people Think Differently, Make Better Decisions and Change Lives. 

I have always recognised that the early part of any New Year is a difficult month for many, for a whole variety of reasons. Consequently, I am a keen supporter of “Blue Monday” and “Time to Talk” initiatives, where we encourage people to talk to each other and extend any support that might be required; even if that is signposting people to more professional help should that be required.

The Bluest of Mondays

This was brought into stark reality for me when I was travelling home from work on the first Monday back after the Christmas break. My train came to an abrupt halt at my local station, having apparently struck someone who had jumped into its path. When I disembarked from the train, I saw the person beneath the train. I later found out that they were a 14 year old boy who survived the impact, although he is likely to have suffered life changing injuries. Witnessing this event and seeing the immediate aftermath has had a profound impact on me as I too have a teenage son. I keep wondering what led that young man, with his whole life ahead of him, to believe that jumping in front of a train was the best and only way forward and that perhaps if he had talked to someone about how he was feeling a different outcome might have occurred. If ever I needed a reality check that “Blue Monday” exists, then I certainly got it in that terrible moment. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

If you are at all affected by this or are struggling with your own challenges, please can I really urge you to reach out to a friend or colleague and to share your concerns, worries or feelings. There is much support available for you in the most discrete of ways such as the Samaritans or Mind.

An Exciting Year Ahead  

On a more positive note, the Octavius business starts 2024 in fantastic shape. The original core business in Rail and Highways is set for an exciting year following the significant success in work winning over the past 12 months. This has seen us awarded at least three CP7 frameworks with Network Rail and a number of new frameworks and larger individual projects with local authority customers in Highways. These new frameworks are supporting our geographical and sales growth, expanding our offer into new regions as well as strengthening our footprint in existing areas.

Furthermore, the addition of our acquisitions brings increased strength to the Octavius team, and we are looking forward to supporting these new business units to enjoy further success and growth together. Following the successful embedment and rebrand of R&W Civil Engineering as Octavius Regional Civil Engineering, we have continued to win new work and use their self-delivery capability and regional presence to maximise the benefits of this great addition to our business. The more recent acquisition of Navitas has also strengthened our technical capability, particularly in the important area of rail electrification, and we look forward to seeing the business flourish alongside our Rail business.

The growth of our business is only possible with the great support from our customers and the amazing work of our people and our suppliers. It is tremendously rewarding that our continued growth creates further opportunity for Octavius employees and all the organisations that work with us, enabling us all to succeed together with both our personal and business goals.

I very much look forward to the remainder of 2024, the next exciting leg on our progressive journey.

Thank you for all your support! Have a great month!


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